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Cute Bee Fact

Always happy to share the new things we find out about bees. Here’s a cute picture and a cute bee fact!! Thank you to all those contacting us about issues they were having with bumble bees and many many thanks to those who have notified us about honey bee swarms!!!!¬†😀😀😀  

Honey Bee V Bumble Bee (and Wasp)

We get lots of calls and emails from people who see bees near there home or generally causing them distress so call us to help. We always ask “are you sure they are honey bees??”. It isn’t always obvious so we are here to help and show you how you can tell the difference. Bumblebees¬† […]

Late Feb, Wet Weather =Feeding of Hives

When I first took up bee keeping I was told to close the hive up early winter and not to open till early spring. Also told that feeding bees could make them lazy. To my cost I found both statements aren’t true. So with the weather being mild all winter which encourages the bees to […]