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Local Honey - Better For The Environment and Better For Us
One of the Oldest and Most Natural Product Enjoyed By Man
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Worker Bees May Only Live About 6 Weeks, They Literally Wear Their Wings Out

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Welcome to our little piece of local honey bee heaven.

Our attempt to help the humble but amazing honey bee.

A day doesn’t go past where we don’t hear gloom and doom stories about the negative influence that humans are having on the planet, from global warming to plastics, pollution, overpopulation, and so on. It can be overwhelming and it’s easy to think the problem is too big for individual efforts to make any difference. Honey bees are also suffering. 

Well along with others cutting and recycling the plastic waste we are taking a hobby of beekeeping to the next level by helping to house honey bee swarms that can frighten some people and not knowing what to do they panic and call a pest control company. The result is often a massive loss to the bee population. A population us as human beings are totally reliable on the pollinate our flowers but more importantly our food crops.

We hope this small effort will help the bees which amaze us and are such a vital cog in the wheel of life on planet earth.

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Our bees making the most of a break in the freezing weather.www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI4iXrhTSLg ... See MoreSee Less
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If you are against this please sign the petition - it might make a difference ... See MoreSee Less
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Possibly last chance before Christmas to get the ideal gift for that "difficult to buy for" person. A Planbee subscription. Starting at £20 pa and upwards you can help us help local honeybees and give a loved one something that will keep giving over the next 12 months. All subscriptions get a welcome letter, a certificate saying they are helping, regular updates including photos of how their contribution has helped, a jar of wild raw honey from our apiary in the autumn .......and that's just the bronze package.See below what other options are available - such as a 121 guided hive tour!!!Merry Christmas to all here's to a better 2021!!planbee.uk/how-can-you-support-us/ ... See MoreSee Less
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