Home Hive Hire

Having a Bee Hive in Your Own Garden



Yes, beekeeping can be a huge amount to learn, yes there is a lot of equipment so therefore it can cost a lot to start (and to develop), yes it can take up time that we don’t always have but does that mean you can’t have a beehive at your home?? No!!!

We have a range of options to suit all situations if you have always wanted to keep bees in your garden with our help and guidance.

So what is involved?? If you are interested we would arrange a no-obligation site visit to see where you have in mind to make sure it will work and to give you more information and get details off yourself. Assuming the site is suitable and both parties are happy to go ahead, you decide the best option for you.




  • Help and advice to buy YOUR OWN HIVE AND YOUR OWN BEES, which you then intend to look after yourself. This involves telephone conversations, emails, website suggestions, help setting up the hive, choosing hive equipment, choosing and helping to purchase bees and help with installing the bees. Cost £150. Site visits and help after that £30 per visit.
  • Home hive hire! You have the space and desire to give a hive a home. We supply the hive, the bees, we set it all up, we visit regularly to check the bees are ok and you are ok. We arrange all health treatments and ensure the hive prospers. Then each autumn you get 6 jars of your honey in jars with your name on. The cost of this option is £300 per year. For an additional £10 per visit we can suit you up and you can assist checking and learning about your bees. If you don’t wish to assist we will give you a verbal update on the hive progress. You also get a “Planbee” T-Shirt and a certificate showing you are helping these amazing creatures.



Contact us for more details – we can design a solution to fit you