Honey Bee V Bumble Bee (and Wasp)

We get lots of calls and emails from people who see bees near there home or generally causing them distress so call us to help. We always ask “are you sure they are honey bees??”. It isn’t always obvious so we are here to help and show you how you can tell the difference.

Bumblebees¬† mainly tend to be the bigger fluffier than honeybees. There are loads of different varieties of bumblebee, some live in the ground, some in cracks in rocks. But GENERALLY speaking they don’t form large permanent nests and if left alone they will be no problem and probably go in a few days or weeks.

Its not that we don’t realise they can be distressing its just as they are usually solitary and will move on eventually of their own free will.

So in an attempt NOT to be patronising I have shown the difference in a picture.

Bumblebees are VERY placid usually solitary (or small groups) and keep themselves to themselves. They are gentle and not prone to stinging. So if you have them in your garden or near your home, hang fire for a few days or week and problem over without the need for intervention and too much stress. BUT if they are honey bees and don’t require and building work to be undertaken to remove them then give us a call on 07931724164. Thank you and we can move them to a lovely wooded area in the Cheshire countryside all safe to carry on pollinating all our flowers and crops.

From the left. Honey Bee, Middle – Bumblebee, right – wasp!!