Future Plans

Like the bees, small beginnings but with work and help our plans are grand!!!

Our beginnings are humble but our imagination and future plans are grander.

As our funds and time allow we want to do lots to expand the areas we can help the bees and how we can educate and empower those who are interested.

A few of our ideas/plans;

A webcam near the hives so anyone who wants can see in real-time what’s going on with the bees and see how we check and maintain the apiary.

Offer sponsorship packages to those who would like to help, we can provide regular updates via email or text, plus personalised video reports on their hives and where their sponsorship has been used.

Getting more local supermarkets involved in saving bags off damaged sugar that we can then upcycle for the sugar syrup to feed the bees when natural food is scarce.

Promote local unpasteurized honey and its benefits. As soon as the honey is heated all the delicate enzymes that make the honey so special with amazing health properties are destroyed.

Develop a Youtube channel to show as often as possible what we do to help the bees and day to day activities around the apiary.

Develop our presence on social media sites to raise awareness of us as a more humane alternative to pest control when bee swarms cause issues